Cultured marble is a precise blend of polyester resin, catalyst, fillers and pigments, thoroughly mixed and placed into open molds which are coated with a clear gel-coat. The gel-coat is especially formulated to as produce a tough, durable, non-porous and shiny surface, very stain resistant and easy to maintain. The shape of the products depends on the molds used. The colors and veining of the finished product depend on the specific formulation and the techniques of the manufacturer. We are a custom manufacturer of the following cultured marble products:


Vanity tops can be manufactured up to 12 feet long (wide) and can be made with an integral 4" backsplash. We offer many different bowl styles that can be integrated into your new vanity top. If you prefer, we can also incorporate a drop-in or undermount design that you have acquired at your local plumbing warehouse or home improvement store.

Tubs/Tub Decks/ Tub Enclosures:

We manufacture cultured marble tubs in a variety of sizes. These can be made with or without a whirlpool system. We use hydra-bath whirlpool systems. We custom manufacture tub decks and enclosures to fit your specifications.


We offer custom showers built to any size, with a maximum size up to 42-64 sq. ft. We can include ceilings and door facings in totally enclosed applications. We also install corner or bench seats as well as shampoo dishes. We also install framed or frame-less shower glass.


We have a large variety of colors available in cultured marble as well as cultured granite. Click on the links below to view the cultured granite color options:
>>Classic Design
>>Premium Design

We also offer an engineered stone from Marblestone that is made from natural stone as an alternative to cultured marble.